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Affordable Car Insurance Quotes

Affordable Car Insurance Quotes: Getting a car insurance quote is the best way to see how much different companies charge and what kinds of coverage they offer. Traditional auto insurance companies do offer free quotes, but this method isn’t always the best because it only gives you one choice. When drivers use The Zebra, they just need to give some basic information and get quotes from hundreds of the best insurance companies in minutes.

Follow these steps to find great coverage at a price you can afford when you’re looking for a new policy.

1. Stick to a budget

Price is the first thing that most people look at when they get quotes. You should try to keep your car insurance costs as low as possible, but keep in mind that the cheapest choice isn’t always the best. It might not be the best idea to get cheaper car insurance from a company with a bad reputation or bad customer service. Now is the time to use what you know about the different kinds of news.

2. Think about your insurance

It can help your search for car insurance if you know ahead of time what kind of coverage you need. Some drivers only want the bare minimum in car insurance, but there are many reasons to look at more than just liability insurance. For one thing, you might have to pay for losses that are more than your liability limits if you were at fault in an accident. Second, some insurance companies think that drivers who have had state minimum coverage before are a risk. If an insurance company thinks you are a dangerous customer, they will charge you more to cover that risk.

Animal: Zebra Tip: Are you not sure if you need full coverage?

It is strongly suggested that you get full coverage car insurance if your vehicle is:

More than $4000

Going to be sold again soon

bought or leased (in these cases it’s necessary)

Think about how normal it is to have full coverage. About 58% of our clients have full coverage for at least one of their cars.

3. Look into the lender’s image

One very important thing you should do when shopping for insurance is learn about how different companies treat their clients. Along with groups like the Better Business Bureau and J.D. Power, you should look for things like claims satisfaction and customer concerns. Our list of the best car insurance companies is another great place to start.

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4. Pick a way to get prices.

After learning about the best insurance companies, the next thing you should do is choose how you want to get your quotes. It is important to get more than one quote, no matter what way you choose. The following ways can be used to do this:

There is an insurance agent at a computer.

Local cops held hostage

Because they only work for one insurance company, these agents can’t compare rates, so you’ll only get a price from one company. The customer service skills of these insurance agents are great, and many of them have physical offices to serve their clients. However, some companies that focus more on technology no longer use these types of agents at all.

On the phone with an insurance agent

Separate dealers or agents

You have a lot of choices because different insurance companies hire independent agents to sell their plans. Zebras are an example of things that can act on their own. We work with a lot of the best insurance companies and have agents here who can help you with your car insurance.

A computer shows online quotes for car insurance

Comparison places on the web

Online insurance comparison sites, like The Zebra, can help you get several quotes for car insurance in just a few minutes. They are the most convenient and give you the most choices. 

Why should you use Zebra?

You can get personalized insurance quotes from top companies through The Zebra, an independent insurance expert and comparison site that can speed up your research.

The Zebra lets you compare quotes online quickly and easily, so you don’t have to guess which insurance will be best for you. We work with both big and small businesses to help you find the right insurance for you.

The has put together a list of car insurance prices.

One of the customized quotes that The Zebra can give you.

You can: With The Zebra, you can

  • Get several quotes at once to save time.
  • Find the cheapest auto insurance companies based on how you drive.
  • Find out what kind of covering you need.
  • Our experienced in-house agents can help you.
  • You can be sure that your personal information is safe.
  • The Zebra really cares about your privacy. We don’t even ask for your phone number, so you won’t get spam. No, we will not sell your information to anyone else.

You can start the process online or call us to talk to one of our agents. A lot of the best insurance companies across the country have hired our own firm to sell their policies.

Get prices on cheap car insurance.

We know that price is the main reason people look for car insurance. In fact, 39% of our users think they are paying too much for their present car insurance. We’ve put together a list of ways to help you get the best deals on car insurance.

Compare the costs of car insurance.

Every six months, you should look at different car insurance quotes to make sure you’re with the right company. There are a lot of things that could cause your rates to go up during that time, even if nothing changes about you. Some things that might get you lower rates, though, are moving to a new state, adding a new car to your policy, getting married, or even just getting older. 

If you can find a better deal somewhere else for the same level of coverage, you should cancel your old insurance and start with the new one right away. To stop with most businesses, the steps are very simple. If you still have time left on your car insurance policy, you may be able to get your remaining premium back.

Do you have any claims against you?

Remember this:

  • Accidents where someone is at blame can cause insurance rates to go up.
  • It will probably stay on your record for three to five years if you make a claim.
  • You might be able to get better deals if you pay for some damage yourself.
  • Use Zebra’s claims calculator to figure out when you need to make a claim.

Get savings on car insurance

They should always check your quote to make sure they’re not missing anything. Some discounts are added directly to your quote when they look at your driving record. Here are some possible discounts and programs that will help you save money that will help you get the cheapest price.

Discount for auto-pay

  • Low-cost for good drivers
  • One-driver saving
  • Discount for multiple cars
  • Discount for paying without paper
  • Discount for seniors
  • Discount for students

Plans for telematics

Animal: Zebra Tip: You can save the most when you bundle.

Most discounts for car insurance are small, but you’ll save the most money if you combine it with another type of insurance. Bundling your home and car insurance can save you about 10% on average, and it can save you 5% if you rent.

Set a new deductible

As a general rule, if your car is worth less than $4,000, you might want to think about getting less crash and comprehensive (full coverage) insurance. The reason is simple: your car isn’t worth what it costs to cover after the market value drops. However, if you lease or finance your car like half of our customers do, you generally have to keep full coverage. If you need full coverage for your car insurance but want to save money, you might want to change your deductible. 

Since the relationship between your car insurance deductible and rate is the opposite of what you might think, raising your deductible will lower your bill. You can see how your rate will change with a $500 or $1,000 deductible in the chart below.

Examples of quotes that compare

After getting several quotes for car insurance, a shopper who wants to save money has chosen the three choices below. The customer is mostly interested in price, but they also want to make sure they have accident and comprehensive coverage for extra peace of mind. Which quote do you think they should pick based on the facts given?

Keep in mind that liability coverage is written in the form X/Y/Z where:

  • X = harm to body or person
  • Y = damage or accident to the body
  • Z = damage to property or accident

The prices of all three choices were about the same, but #1 had less liability coverage. That’s the only real difference between #2 and #3; the third choice had a higher copay. The best choice for this customer is #2 because they don’t care too much about having a bigger deductible.

Basic details about yourself

License to drive

Along with your gender and marital situation, you must include your name, address (or where you park your car), and birthday. For some insurance companies, they will also need the number on your driver’s license. 

car with two people inside

Type of vehicle

It’s important to know your main car’s year, make, model, and style. You don’t need to know your vehicle identification number (VIN) to get a quote, but you will need it when you buy your insurance.

group of keys

More about the car

People usually also want to know if the vehicle is owned or rented, what it is mostly used for, and how many miles it is driven on average.

changing car History of insurance

Have you had coverage for a long time, or are you currently not insured? Some car insurance companies won’t give you a policy until you’ve had insurance for at least six months straight.

Proof of insurance

Some more information

Lastly, they will ask about any crashes or tickets (not including parking tickets), so it’s best to have a clean record. To figure out what kind of risk you might be, they will also need to see your credit score and highest level of schooling.

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