Expert Car Crash Lawyer Nearby: Top-Rated Legal Support

Expert Car Crash Lawyer Nearby Top-Rated Legal Support

The best car crash lawyer near me

Car Crash Lawyer Nearby : Every day, cars crash in the state of California. There are a lot of busy streets and roads in our big cities, like San Francisco and Los Angeles. The California Highway Patrol says that about 3,500 people die in car crashes every year. Plus, car crashes hurt tens of thousands of people every year.

If you or someone you care about was hurt badly in a car crash, you can ask for money to pay for your wounds and other damages.

Can you sue someone for hurting you in a car crash they caused?

Every day, cars, SUVs, trucks, and buses in the San Francisco Bay Area meet on the roads and in the city. Too many car accidents happen because one driver wasn’t paying attention or wasn’t being careful. That driver is:

Going too fast and not stopping at red lights

Talking or using an app on your phone while driving is called distracted driving.

A common reason why motorbikes crash is that the rider changes lanes quickly without looking.

Not okay Being in front of coming traffic when you make U-turns or turns at crossings without signs

Look left as you turn right. This is why cars often hit people walking in crosswalks and other places where people are walking.

People riding bikes are often hurt when cars stop quickly or don’t give the bike rider the right of way.

Trucks with loads that can’t fit on pickups, semis, and other business vehicles

Drivers who are drunk or high on drugs

It is not a good idea for people who have sleep apnea or are sick to drive.

Getting proof of who was at fault is the most important part of any personal injury case. You have to show all four types of carelessness in order to get a settlement or a jury verdict in your favor

Reasonable Care: No matter what, the person who hurt you should have been able to use reasonable care.


That person must have broken their duty of care by not acting in a way that a reasonably careful person would have in the same or a similar scenario if they were that person. It’s possible that this was done on plan or without much thought.

Establish Cause: You have to show that the person or thing that is responsible for your injuries and other losses did so because they broke their duty.

Show How Bad the Damages Are: If you want to get the most money in settlement, you need to show how bad your damages are.

How much money can I get if someone else caused an accident that hurt me?


By law, if someone gets hurt in an accident that was caused by another person, a company, or the government, they can get money for:

Hospital bills and prices from the past and the future, for things like medicine and surgery;

Getting a car fixed or replaced; Body therapy; Pain and suffering in the past and the future; Mind pain; Body damage;

lost income or earnings in the past and in the future; not being able to work and make money;

For very bad crimes, you can get punitive damages. If someone you loved was killed, you can get wrongful death penalties, like the cost of the funeral or burial and the loss of support and company.

In a car accident, what does a lawyer do?

If you were hurt in a car crash and want to get money for your injuries, experience is important. These things can be done by a skilled car accident lawyer:

Find the people who are to blame: A car accident could be caused by more than one person or group, depending on the details. These could be the driver, the driver’s boss, the government, the car manufacturer, or someone else. A reliable car accident law firm has the knowledge and resources to fully look into your case and figure out who is at fault.

Help yourself get better: It can be hard to get medical care. If you’re seriously hurt, you should be put in touch with the best people who can help you get better. There are car accident law firms that have the tools and professional networks to help you get the help you need. Lawyers can help you deal with debt collectors and find financial aid to get you through this tough time.

Talk to Insurance Companies: Your lawyer will tell the other person’s insurance company about your claim and any proof to back it up. They will then fight for you to get the most money for your injuries. A lot of the time, a good car crash lawyer can settle the case out of court. They know the tricks and plans that insurance companies use and how to use strong legal reasons and a strong legal strategy to fight them.

Prove Liability: A skilled car accident lawyer can help you gather proof of all the parts of carelessness. The other side will do everything they can to show you that what you believe is wrong. Your lawyer’s job is to fight the other side and protect your right to be paid by showing that the other side is at fault by a large amount of evidence.

You can file a case if you and the other person can’t come to an understanding. Your lawyer will help you with all the legal paperwork you need to do this. From putting in the first complaint to going through discovery, getting more proof, and being your voice at a jury trial, your lawyer will be there for you.

It’s hard to make decisions in civil law because cases usually settle before they go to trial by a jury. What should you do? Your lawyer will help you figure out when to go to court or settle for less than what you’re owed. If you have any questions, your lawyer will be glad to answer them. They can also give you legal advice as it applies to your case.

After a bad car crash, what do you need to do?

Take care of your body.

After getting hurt, the most important thing is to stay out of harm’s way. In case it’s safe to do so, leave the road and move to the shoulder.

Call 911

Call 911 as soon as you feel safe. Ask nearby people to help and tell them to call 911. Someone is hurt and could die, so call 911 and ask people nearby to help.

Information on getting together

When other people are involved, get their name, location, phone number, as well as the name and policy number of their insurance company. Find out as much as you can about any crashes so that you have a better chance of getting paid. Get their VIN, license plate number, and proof that they have car insurance if they were driving.

Check out the area to see if anyone can assist you. Find witnesses right away, give them your number, and tell them to call the police when they get there.


Think about things

Take pictures of any damage to you or the cars with your phone or another camera. Think about the spot where the accident happened and any skid marks, cuts, or other damage. You should take pictures of the other person’s car and any other damage you see.


Get a report from the cops or an events report.

Talk to the police right away, either where the accident happened or at the hospital. You should call the police and ask for a copy of the report. Make sure they write down the report number and name on a piece of paper if they can’t give you a copy right away. Find out as much as you can about the police officers who come to help you, such as their name, badge number, and the company or office they work for.


Visit the hospital.

You should still see a doctor for any injuries you get after an accident, even if you don’t feel hurt right away. Damage signs may not show up for days. If you don’t get medical help, it could hurt your health and make it harder to get full pay for your injuries.

People who were hurt in an accident should keep their medical papers because they are the best proof that they were hurt. Make sure to tell your doctor about any harm, pain, stress, or worry.


Tell the DMV what you think.

If someone gets hurt or killed or if more than $1,000 worth of damage is done to property, you have to tell the DMV about an accident in California.


Keep the proof safe.

Write down as much as you can at the scene of the crash and as you get better. Speak to a personal injury lawyer who has done this before. They can help you keep the proof safe and find it.

How much does it cost to get a lawyer after a car accident?

When someone gets hurt in an accident, it can be hard to deal with their injuries and take a long time. Most likely, you worry about how much the lawyer will cost and when you’ll have to pay them.

This means that there are no costs up front when you hire our car accident lawyers. There is no fee to pay if you do not get any money back. Your lawyer gets paid when you do, and the amount you owe is a certain amount of the money you get. How much our contingency fee is will depend on what stage of the case it is in. 

Since going to court costs a lot of money, the contingency fee gets bigger as the case gets closer to that point. To find out how much a personal injury claim will cost, please call our business and set up a case review.

If I get hurt, how long do I have to file a lawsuit?

Personal injury cases in California have to follow certain rules. On the other hand, you only have two years from the date of the event to file a lawsuit for personal injury. Remember that you only have a certain amount of time to make a claim for your possible case. 

This is called the statute of limitations. For each type of case, the time limit is different. In some of these stages, it could last anywhere from six months to two years. We don’t have enough information to figure out which statute of limitations stands for your case. You can talk to a lawyer, look at the California Code of Civil Procedure, use the internet, or go to your law library to find out when the deadline is for your case.

The insurance company for the other driver wants me to make a statement. Do I need to talk to them?

Yes, you don’t need to talk to their insurance company. It is best to let your accident lawyer talk to the other person’s insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance companies know how to keep the money they have to pay out as low as possible when someone they cover causes an accident. Defense lawyers and claims processors who work for insurance companies are very good at what they do. They will put pressure on you and ask for details in order to get you to agree to the smallest payment possible.

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A lot of the time, they ask the person who was hurt to write down what happened so they can try to blame the insurance company. You don’t have to talk to the other person’s insurance company, but we recommend that you don’t. What you say will be used against you.

When you get into a car accident, know that the other driver’s insurance company owes them money. It doesn’t matter how nice and English-speaking the insurance agents are; they are still trying everything they can to get you to pay less. 

An injury lawyer can help you if you are scared or have questions about your insurance. For years, these lawyers have worked with insurance adjusters and know how to deal with them. 

Your personal injury lawyer has to fight for your rights, just like the insurance company does to get you to pay for things. You don’t have to go up against the insurance company by yourself. Get someone to help you.


Anyone hurt in a motorcycle, car, commercial truck, or bicycle crash can get help from the Dolan Law Firm.


People say that the Dolan Law Firm is one of the best at helping people who have been hurt in California. It has helped thousands of people hurt or died in car, bike, motorcycle, truck, and other vehicle accidents, as well as pedestrians hit by cars, since it began in 1995.

We know how awful it is to be hurt in a major car accident on a physical, emotional, and financial level. Please know that we will care about you and treat you with honor. We will be with you the whole time you are in court.

A big reason why people choose our law firm and tell their family and friends about us after the case is over is that we have a history of doing great in court and in settlement talks. It is well known that we can take tough cases to court and win them. Because of this, we often get much better recoveries than the industry average. This is what we offer our clients:

There are accident and crash lawyers with a great track record who give each client personal, careful legal advice.

Lots of study, money, and tech tools that no one lawyer or small law firm can offer.

Experts who can help you figure out what happened and who or what was to blame, like a careless driver, a broken auto part, or bad road conditions; and

Access to physics and economics experts who can help you figure out how bad your injuries are and how much they will cost in future medical care. They can also help you figure out how much money you lost or how much less money you can make because of the crash.

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