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Getting into an accident with a truck is scary. What would be a small accident with a passenger car can be very bad or even deadly when the other car is a truck. If you or someone you care about was hurt in a truck crash, The Dominguez Firm can help. 

Set up a free meeting by calling 877-265-2167. Also, don’t think that you can’t pay for a truck crash lawyer. We promise there won’t be any costs or fees up front. Please call us right away because you won’t have to pay if we lose.

People who drive in the greater Los Angeles area share the roads with many kinds of business cars. There will be delivery cars, vans, and service vehicles like garbage trucks, as well as a lot of big trucks called “big rigs.” Everyone tries to be extra careful around cars, but sometimes things go wrong.

In the event that you were hurt in a truck accident, you should get help from a top personal injury law firm. The trucking company will definitely have a group of lawyers on their side. Most of the time, they’ll either give you a small payment or try to say that you caused the accident.

These are tricks that the truck accident lawyers at The Dominguez Firm know how to avoid and beat. If you or someone you care about was hurt in a truck accident, please call us right away. Waiting can hurt your case.


Why do a lot of trucks come together and crash?

It’s against the law for truck drivers to work less than 11 hours straight, but most of them work much longer. They move far away at a time to get things done on time. Because of this, drivers may get tired and speed, which are two very common and dangerous things that happen in truck accidents.

City trucks, like fire trucks and ambulances, that are going quickly through the streets to get to an emergency can also get into big accidents. A truck accident can also be caused by the following:

As we already said, two of the main reasons trucks crash in California are drivers who are too tired or moving too fast. These are some other kinds of driver errors:

Using your phone while driving

Not a good lesson

Not paying attention to the signs

A lot of blind spots

Using drugs or alcohol


Problems with the Vehicles: It’s clear that trucks are inherently dangerous. Every truck, even one that is in great shape and moving a lot of stuff, needs 525 feet of room to stop. To give you an idea, that’s how long two football fields are! This, along with the fact that drivers have very large blind spots, makes them dangerous for all the passenger cars around them. It’s even more dangerous when maintenance isn’t done right. Some problems that often happen with truck repair are

Pulling too much weight

Loads that are no longer properly secured

Problems with the brakes

Problems with your tires

Not taking care of the truck the way the owner says to

Weather: All year long, California is known for having great weather. But even at higher elevations, rain, snow, and strong winds can come out of nowhere. When a truck driver is already tired, bad weather can make their job even harder. When trucks hydroplane or turn, they can quickly lose control, which is dangerous for everyone around them.


As you can see, truck accidents are often some of the worst and deadliest:

Ten out of every hundred deaths on the road are caused by big trucks.

In 2016, 3,986 people died in accidents involving trucks across the country.

In accidents involving trucks and passenger cars, 97% of the people who died were in the passenger cars.

92% of deaths happened on highways, freeways, and other major roads.

What Should I Do After Being Hit by a Truck?

In an accident, everyone gets hurt, but for some, being hit by a truck can change their life for good. If you get hurt in a truck accident, here are some things you should try to do:

Quickly leave the area of danger, but only if it’s safe to do so.

Please call 911 right away.

Ask for medical help or look for it.

Find out how to get in touch with the witness and who the driver and driver company are.

Take pictures of your cuts and other people’s wounds. Picture the damage to all the cars, the truck, and the scene of the accident, including any street signs or traffic lights.


Do not say or sign anything if someone from the trucking company or the insurance company asks you to. Also, don’t say sorry! People who hear you say “I’m sorry” will use that against you as proof that you were the one who caused the accident.


In case of an accident, you should keep medical bills and records in a safe place. These things will help your lawyer figure out how much money you should get for your losses.

Right away, you should get help from a proven, top-notch truck crash personal injury lawyer.

After a truck crash, it’s important to do these things right away to protect your rights.


Different Types of Trucks and Accidents

Big rigs come to mind when you hear the phrase “truck accident.” This makes sense, since that’s the type of truck that gets the most attention when the evening news talks about a car crash. They look scary, but they’re not the only trucks that wreck cars on our roads and highways.

News stories and regular people both use the same words to talk about trucks. Some might be hard to understand, but most of them are. Does a big rig mean the same thing as a semi_truck? Does it seem different? To find out more, keep reading.

Tractors: This is the front of the truck. These trucks are also known as “bobtail” trucks. It has the engine and the driver’s cabin. They’re able to drive themselves around. There are a lot of tractor trucks on our roads that don’t have a cargo trailer or flatbed attached. In a crash, these big cars can do a lot of damage and hurt people, even if they have nothing to do with each other.


A tractor truck with a goods trailer attached to it is known by a number of names. There’s a big rig among them. Other words that are used a lot are 18-wheeler, semi, and tractor-trailer. The truck is the same thing under all of those names. All of them are business cars. They need to be driven by someone with a lot of knowledge when they are full of goods. A big rig and a regular car can’t even have a small crash because they are so big.

Tanker trucks are risky because they carry dangerous chemicals and are too big for the job. Tanker trucks have caught fire when they hit something, which made a bad accident even worse for everyone. If a driver is in a crash with a tanker truck, they could also get burned or sick from breathing in the smoke. A lot of people are also dying.


Delivery trucks from Amazon have changed the way people shop. But a million items means that there are thousands of Amazon cars and trucks on the road. These are just the service cars that are already out there. They are often in a hurry to get things done, just like people who drive big cars. When a delivery truck goes too fast, it can hit a passenger car and cause major damage.

Tool Trucks: Tool trucks come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Trucks that clean the streets, haul trash, carry people, play music, or even build things can be trash trucks. Large trucks like big rigs can’t always go on any road or highway. But utility trucks can. They can also go much faster than the speed limit if they are called to an emergency.

There is one more thing you should know if you are in a crash with a utility truck. Many times, they are owned by city, state, or government groups. That means someone hurt in a utility truck accident only has 6 months to make a claim.


Most of the damage that truck accidents cause

When a big rig with more than one axle is involved in an accident, the accidents can be very bad because the trucks are so big and heavy. These are the different types of accidents that can happen:

The brain damage

Not fair death

spinal cord damage that can cause full or partial disability that lasts for a short time or a long time

Broken or cracked bones

Damage from whiplash

Back pain in the lower back, thorax, and cervical spine

Back pain, like from sprains and strains

An injury or damage to a nerve can cause weakness and radiculopathy.

Makes cuts and scrapes

Hurt people by crushing them

Cuts and scrapes


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues �

Fourteen hundred and two people were killed in crashes involving trucks and cars in 2017. Sadly, 68% of those who died were in private cars. Only 17% of the people in the trucks who were in these accidents died. The other people who died were all walking, riding bikes, or motorbikes.

For more than 30 years, The Dominguez Firm has helped people who have been hurt in truck accidents with their wrongful death claims. We all know that money can’t bring back a loved one, but getting justice can help the family who lost someone.


A truck crash is looked into

Accidents involving big rigs are not the same as accidents involving cars. Besides calling the police,

The trucking company will send investigators to the accident spot right away. They are taking too long to help you. Their main goal is to meet their own wants.

If you were hurt in a crash with any kind of business truck, you need to talk to a lawyer. People who work for investigators or insurance companies and say you don’t need a lawyer are not telling the truth. Remember that the trucking companies that hire them pay them. They only want to lower your claim so they can pay you as little as possible.


Should I accept the trucking company’s payment offer?

No way! Talk to a truck crash lawyer before you sign anything or agree to anything. You can’t ask for more money if the payout money runs out. What looks like a lot of money can go away very quickly when you’re hurt badly.


How much is my truck crash claim worth?

People who get hurt in truck accidents often have to stay in the hospital and have surgery because their injuries are so bad. Besides these big care bills, you might also need

or physical treatment to get better

Take care of for a long time

Changes to the house and the car

That doesn’t even talk about how that kind of accident can hurt your family’s mental health. People also lose money when they can’t work for a few weeks or months. People may never be able to work again if they get hurt too badly.

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As a truck accident lawyer, The Dominguez Firm has helped people for over 30 years. We know what a fair and just deal should look like based on the facts of a case. We’re proud that over the years, we’ve been able to get some of our truck crash clients six- and seven-figure settlements. We can’t give you exact numbers, but we can give you a good idea of how much money you should get by looking at cases like yours that we’ve worked on before.


When does the claim deadline end?

It’s usually been two years since the accident. But don’t wait until the last minute to file. If you do, your claim will be less strong. That’s because these things:

There are times when it’s tough to remember things.

Why did you wait so long to make your claim? People on both sides of the case may ask.

You only have six months to file a claim after an accident with a government car. It’s best to file a claim right away and get your truck accident lawyer to work on your case.


Why should I hire a lawyer for my truck accident?

It’s hard to understand why trucks crash. There could be more than one criminal to deal with, like

The driver of the truck

The trucking company that wants to hire them

Anyone who helped load the truck if the accident was caused by goods that was not secured

A hire car company if the driver works alone, and

If the truck’s motors were to blame for the accident, then the company that made the truck could be sued.


You can sue three or four people for all of those things.

It’s possible that a truck crash hurt you or someone in your family very badly. You don’t want to take on this difficult court case by yourself. The skilled truck accident lawyers at The Dominguez Firm can fight for you to get the money you deserve. We know all the state and federal rules about trucks and truck drivers, and we have the tools and skills to fight more than one offender.


You don’t need to worry about how much a lawyer will cost. You won’t have to pay The Dominguez Firm unless we win. You have nothing to lose by calling 877-265-2167 right now to set up a free in-person meeting.


If I don’t have insurance and can’t pay for it, can you help me get help?

Yes. The first and most important thing to do after getting hurt is to see a doctor right away so you can start to heal. Not having health insurance or having bad insurance? We can put you in touch with the best doctors and hospitals in your area that will treat you for free because they have to pay for your case. 

You will then be asked to pay for your medical bills by the people who were at fault. The lien will be taken care of with the case’s money. Also, if they can, our staff might be able to help you get Medi-Cal, Medi-Care, or a similar program for free or very little cost.


Because I hurt myself, I can’t work. Could you help me get by?

Yes. We work with lenders who will give you a loan backed by a lien on the money you win the case. This will help you get by while your case is being heard. This will be part of your claim for money whether you settle or go to court. 

You will not be able to work and will lose income in the past and in the future. We may also be able to give you money up front to help you get through tough times. When your case is over, you’ll pay it back.


In most truck crashes, what kind of person is to blame?

People who may be to blame for truck accidents that hurt people are

The truck driver, whether they work for a company or are their own boss

The business that owns the truck, runs it, or hires the driver. This could be a for-profit or public group.


The owner or lessee of the tractor

A person who owns or rents the trailer


Who buys, sells, ships, or owns the things that are being shipped?

The person who rents or drives the truck and/or trailer

That took care of the truck in case there was a technical issue that caused the crash

If the truck or trailer had a problem, the person who planned and/or built it would have to fix it.

The person driving and/or owning the other car that caused or contributed to the accident

A government body for issues with building or maintaining roads


How long do I have to make a claim after getting hurt by a truck?

Usually, you have two years from the accident date to make a claim against non-government parties. If you want to sue the government or a public body in California, you have six months to make your claim. After that, there are strict rules you have to follow in order to file a case. 


Some people don’t follow these general rules, though, because this is a very difficult area of law. So, to get through the mud, you need to hire a top-rated personal injury lawyer.


How long do most cases against trucks last?

Most places set the date of the meeting 12 to 18 months after you file a lawsuit. Most of the time, this is how long your case should last. Sometimes, especially if you’re hurt badly, it might be best to wait to file your claim until your injuries are better. This might help your case last longer.


How does your business prove that someone was careless and won truck cases?


Our staff and agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can start working on your accident case as soon as you hire our firm. We believe that to build a good case, investigations and fact-finding must be done right away and in depth. Our top-rated and award-winning personal injury lawyers are ready to get their hands dirty and really look into the facts of a case to figure out how to win it. 

Our lawyers know a lot about how the big, small, and neighborhood rules and laws that govern trucking work together. We can also hire people who have experience with truck accidents to tell us what they think happened and how your injuries happened.

We don’t just look at the facts of the crash to see if a company makes its drivers do unsafe things that put profit ahead of safety. It’s a shame that these kinds of building issues happen more often than you might think. We’re going after everyone who might be at fault to make them pay for the pain, loss, and harm they cause.

Many of our wins have also come from our own testing team. They are ready to go to court with your big injury case and let a judge and jury decide! Our trial team is the best at what they do, and people who are up against them are scared. The judge gave them $29 million, and several deals of $10 million were made.


What kinds of claims can I make for money and damage?

To prove that the other person is at fault, you must also show that they hurt you. The law defines “damages” as all the money you’ll need for medical care, your pain and suffering, and any other losses you’ll have in the future because of your accident. These are some of them:


The economy was hurt by:

How much medicine costs

Money lost

Not able to make money anymore

Damage to the car and not being able to use it

fees that your insurance doesn’t cover, like co-pays for medical care

The process of learning new things or going back to school so that you can get a job after being hurt

Anything else your accident does that costs you money or takes away your chances


Costs other than money:

To go through pain and suffering

Having issues with feelings

Not having fun with life

Because of carelessness, someone died and lost money, friends, love, and other things.

Couples whose partner was hurt will miss having their friends and family around.

Being through a stressful event can lead to PTSD and other mental illnesses.

Anything else you’ve lost because of your car accident that isn’t money

Most of the time, your medical team (doctors and other providers), lifecare managers, vocational experts, accident reconstruction experts, and other people have to work together to show damages. We are very good at putting together a team of experts that will win your case and get you the most money the law allows.


Things that will change how your deal is made

These things can change how much a truck accident claim is worth:


How bad are your wounds?

The amount of damage to your car’s parts

How long does a hospital stay last?

how long you think the healing will take and how much it will cost

It doesn’t matter if the injury or illness lasts forever.

taking time off work and/or not being able to work

How you lived and how healthy you were before the accident

What age are you?

The bad thing that took place in your life

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