This is the best motorcycle crash lawyer –

This is the best motorcycle crash lawyer

This is the best motorcycle crash lawyer

Greg Lyon, one of the founders of our firm, is a big motorcycle fanatic who loves riding his bike on the roads in Phoenix and all over the state. This really helps us understand how exciting it can be to ride a motorbike. It’s annoying when someone gets hurt and someone else is blamed instead of the biker, even if the other driver was at fault. Greg knows this as a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer and a rider himself. If someone hurt you in a motorbike accident because they were careless, reckless, or did it on purpose, you may be able to get money to pay for your medical bills and other costs.


Some important facts about motorcycle riders and injuries,

As a lawyer, I take it personally to help bikers who have been in accidents. What’s the old proverb? People who ride bikes say, “There are two types of bikers: those who have been in an accident and those who will be.” I broke my leg when a flaw in the product caused my bike to bottom out in a turn, letting the back wheel come loose. You probably know what came next. What began as a day of “wind therapy” turned into three days in the hospital. You should now understand why I say that helping hurt bikers is personal.


Do you get it? You can only file an accident claim every two years.

It’s important to remember, though, that in Arizona, you only have two years from the date of the accident to make a claim for injuries you got. There is not much time left before the statute of limitations ends, so this is very important. Get in touch with a good lawyer right away.


As an Arizona motorcycle accident lawyer company, our only goal is to help people who have been hurt file claims for injuries and claims for wrongful death. We do everything we can to get you and your family the losses you deserve.


A Phoenix motorcycle lawyer can help you make a claim in Arizona if you were hurt or in an accident.

What the Car Owner Says

Many people think that bikers aren’t careful drivers, but most of the time they are. In other words, bike accidents are generally caused by things the rider can’t change. An insurance company, on the other hand, will quickly say that riders are to blame for crashes involving a single bike. It’s important for your claim that you can show you weren’t at fault. Our Phoenix accident lawyers will look into what went wrong. We do everything we can to get you the money you need.


What the traveler says

In a single-bike accident, the passenger is usually the only one who can make a claim. This is especially true if the rider was not paying attention. We could sue for the following if you were a passenger on a bike that fell:


Riders must have liability insurance that covers at least $25,000 for one person hurt in a crash, $50,000 for all injuries in a single accident, and $15,000 for all property damage. This is set by Arizona law. There are a lot of bikers with more risk insurance.


The rules of your policy will tell your insurance company if they will pay you or not. If you lose something that the rider’s insurance doesn’t cover, you might be able to do so.


Duty to a third party: Motorcycle crashes often cause very bad injuries, and Arizona’s minimum insurance requirements don’t cover them well enough. But as a third party, you might be able to sue a business or city.


Claims Against a City or Town

The city, not you because you want to drive a different car, should keep the roads safe. It’s up to the transportation department to keep the roads in good shape. If there are problems, they need to be fixed right away, and drivers need to be told until the fixes can be made. The roads should also be checked often for dangers. You could sue the city or town for not protecting you, even if it wasn’t their fault that you were in a dangerous position. Based on the road you were on when you got hurt, the city, county, state, or federal government might be in charge.


You need to start and finish your study right away to find out if you have a third-party claim. When someone dies or the police think something is wrong, they do a full investigation, but the results are rarely enough. The cops’ main job is to clear up the accident. Before you file a claim, the city may fix the issue. A company wants to keep its profits as high as possible, not help you win your case. If a judge doesn’t tell it not to, it may quickly destroy proof.


To file a claim against a town or city, you need to show that they knew the road was broken. Did the company understand what was going on? If you want to win your claim, this question is very important. Before your accident, our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers looked at newsfeeds, complaint logs, police records, past injury claims, and agency statements that showed the problem had been there for a long time. This shows that the city knew about it. Once we show that the city knew about the flaw or should have known about it, we show that it didn’t fix it or let you know about it.


It’s hard to figure out how to make a claim with the government. You must always follow the very strict steps, or you might lose your claim for a small reason. Our lawyers know the law and how to get the city or state to pay for the harm they cause. As the law says, the first thing that needs to be done to hold a municipality accountable is to make a notice of claim and give it to the right person. Does that sound tough? It is. You have a short time to do this, and if you miss the deadline, the city office will not give you any money. So, please set up a meeting as soon as possible so that we can file and serve the notice on time and start looking into your claim right away.


Learn About The Damages Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Damages for Arizona motorcycle accidents are the same as damages for other types of personal injury and car accidents. The only difference is that Arizona motorcycle accident damages tend to be worse. Read our more in-depth article about how to file a claim for damage to your property here.


This type of damages can be economic or non-economic, and its goal is to “compensate” the client for their losses by giving them money. Let’s say that your motorbike accident keeps you from working for three months. You may be able to get those three months of lost pay back as part of your fault claim. If you were hurt, a lawyer can help you get all the money you’re owed.


The following are some examples of damages that can be used to get paid:


To go through pain and suffering

Having issues with feelings

Health care costs from the past and the future

Lost money

No longer able to make money in the future

Loss of property, like damage to a motorcycle

Not having fun with life

Trouble for a long time

Claims for damage to property


No one knows how great it is to own a motorbike better than someone who does. To “make it your own,” you’ll need to buy extras and parts that are made just for you after they arrive. If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash, you should always take care of your wounds first. But you should also get enough money for your motorcycle. What kind of damage or loss did your bike have? Our lawyers will help you get full pay for your losses, including any parts you may have added to make it your own.


How do you find out who was at fault in a motorcycle accident in Arizona?

Because Arizona is a true comparative fault state, everyone involved in an accident is blamed based on how much they were to blame. Using this law is helpful because it lets the plaintiff get paid even if they were partly to blame.


To make this clear, let’s look at an example:

Say someone hits your motorcycle from behind at a red light and hurts you. The driver who hit you wasn’t slowing down before the crash, which is mostly their fault. However, your motorcycle’s brake light wasn’t working at the time of the accident. If you had fixed the stop light, there might not have been an accident.


This time, the judge says the suspect is 75% to blame and you are only 25% to blame. It’s only possible to get back the amount of damage the offender caused, which is 75% of $300,000. This amounts to $225,000.


What is different about motorcycle accidents?

It’s clear that motorcycles and cars are not at all the same. This is because it’s quite simple to turn, stops quickly, handles well on different types of roads, and is very safe in case of an accident. Even problems with damage to property caused by motorcycles are not the same. It’s not fair to treat a claim about a motorbike accident the same way a claim about a car accident is. You have a much better chance of winning if you work with a group of skilled lawyers.


The accident lawyers at Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. only take on personal injury claims so that we can give our clients the best service possible. People know us for how well we take care of motorcycle accident patients and their kids. One of the founders, Greg Lyon, really loves riding motorbikes. His many years of riding experience have taught him how a motorcycle works and what can go wrong in a bike crash. From his own experience, he knows how much you love riding and how much you lose when you crash. He can also help you get your money back.


How do I file a claim for a motorcycle?

Before you file a motorcycle claim in Phoenix, Arizona, you should think about a few things. But there are some things that need to be true in order to make a claim. Our lawyers think about the following things when they handle a motorcycle claim:


Helmet rules. Motorcyclists in Arizona are not required to wear helmets, so they are free to do so. For head injury cases, however, whether you wear a helmet or not will affect your case, which is why we take care of it ahead of time.


Clothing that keeps you safe. It doesn’t matter if you had on goggles, boots, gloves, long pants, or a jacket with long arms that won’t tear easily. All of these things will change your claim. So that you can get the most money for your injuries, we fight back against charges that you hurt yourself in some way.


A chance that was missed. Because “I didn’t see him,” that’s never an excuse. The driver is still to blame for the crash, even if you were in his blind spot. Bigger cars are less likely to have this happen than bikes and motorbikes.


How far to stop. Folks who have only ever driven a car don’t always get how stopping on two wheels is different from stopping on four. We make sure the insurance adjusters, the jury, and the court all understand this important point. Most of the time, it happens when someone turns left or there’s an accident at an intersection.


What kinds of injuries do people who are in motorbike accidents get that people who are in car accidents don’t?

People who are in motorbike accidents are more likely to get hurt badly than people who are in other types of accidents. Wheels for bikes don’t have metal guards, seat belts, or airbags. Which is why injuries that happen in a motorcycle accident are often much worse and might be different from those that happen in a car or truck accident.


When bikers are in a crash, they often get the following serious injuries:


Bones broken

Getting neck pain

Head injuries come in two main types: traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and concussions.

Scars and cuts from the road

Spinal cord damage

Losing limbs

Not fair death


Road rash is a common injury that can get worse quickly.

It may sound like “road rash” isn’t dangerous, but it is. Not a “rash,” but road rash is deep cuts that can change your appearance for good. The harm can be pretty bad, but it can leave deep scars, cause infections that are very dangerous, and need more than one surgery. Accidents involving road rash can seriously hurt people, so those who have been hurt need to get skilled motorcycle lawyers as soon as possible.


Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. is a small law firm in Arizona that only helps hurt people get their money back. One of our founders is a big fan of bikes and has been in a few accidents himself. This gives us a better understanding of the special trauma and legal problems that come up when someone files an accident claim. We have changed how we prove losses and try to get you the most money for your injuries. We have a lot of experience with road rash claims and can connect you with a team of skilled dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other medical professionals who know how a road rash accident can affect you for the rest of your life.


Proof of Damage from Road Rash

When you’re in a crash, the pavement rubs against your skin, giving you road rash. Slide across the pavement and cut deep into large areas of skin that are out in the open. Things like germs, dirt, glass, and other things get stuck in the skin as well. It’s very painful and usually needs a lot of care. If you don’t get the care you need, your scars may get worse, so getting paid is very important for your health in the long run.


Our law company pays for the costs of proving your case. Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law hires a professional photographer to take high-quality pictures of your injuries as proof. The photographer takes pictures of your road rash injuries right after the accident and at regular intervals while they heal until the scars are old enough to be considered permanent, which usually takes four to six months.


Next, we set up an appointment for you to see a board-certified plastic surgeon, who will make a treatment plan to make you look better overall. The doctor writes down these results in a report that explains in detail what treatments you need and how much they will cost. This service is being sent to you ahead of time so that you have the proof you need to build a strong case and can get the good care you need right away.


What Can Go Wrong With Road Rash Scars

Scars are especially painful because they make the hurt look worse. People who ride motorcycles often experience psychological stress because of the disfigurement. The scars might also make it harder for you to get a job, have relationships, and enjoy life. You should get good mental health care while you’re learning how to deal with your situation. Additionally, you are more likely to get an illness right after an accident or surgery. You can also get paid if you get an illness from your road rash injuries. If road rash hurts you or causes other problems, you should talk to an expert about getting the money you deserve.


Advocates for Safe Motorcycle Use

Our lawyers work to make sure that motorcycles and roads in Arizona are safe so that there are fewer and less serious mishaps. We want there to be a lot less motorbike accidents. Getting more people to know that bikers have the same rights as drivers on the freeway is an important way to stop crashes. Also, we suggest that you wear things that will make it easier for drivers to see. For example, a motorbike headlight modulator that pulses on and off makes it much easier to see at night and during the day. These can be bought from a number of places, and they are allowed in all 50 states.


Talk to a skilled Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

If you were hurt in an accident, whether it was because of a car hitting you from behind, road debris, or something else, an attorney at our firm can help you get the money you’re owed.

At Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law, we only take on claims involving car accidents in Phoenix and nearby Arizona cities. With more than 60 years of experience between them, our accident lawyers can give you results-driven representation that is laser-focused on getting you the money you deserve.


At Hirsch & Lyon, we value our relationships with our clients more than many other injury companies. We believe that open and honest communication is key to winning a lawsuit. Our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions, and we’re also happy to come to your home, office, or hospital whenever it’s convenient for you.


For us, successful legal representation that gets our clients more money is a big deal. That’s why we offer our clients lower commitment fees. You will only have to pay Hirsch & Lyon if you win. Also, if you don’t go to court, you will only have to pay 25% of your earnings (plus costs) and 30% if you do. It’s a lot less than what you’d pay at a firm with the same amount of knowledge.


Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents with a single-bike

A lot of the time, only the biker is at fault in crashes. In 2015, 1,906 motorbike accident deaths were caused by crashes involving only one bike. Sadly, the number of people killed in single-bike accidents has gone up a lot over the last 15 decades.


Why does this happen? Sometimes the rider is to blame, but most of the time he is stuck on bad road conditions like

Cracks and holes in the road

Slippery or icy roads

Streets that aren’t well-lit and obstacles in the way

Debris on the road

You might be able to make an accident claim no matter what caused the crash. Talking to an experienced Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer can help you figure out what your legal choices are and what the best thing to do is in your case.

Accidents with rear-ends

It’s the second most common type of motorbike accident to hit another bike from behind. A motorcyclist has probably slowed down or stopped because of a traffic light or something on the way ahead. This is when a rear-end accident happens. There are also crashes where two motorcycles hit each other from behind when they are following closely, like in a parade.


Even at low speeds, a rear-end collision can hurt a lot of people. If you hit a moving motorbike with your hand, it could spin out of control and crash into something else or fall over, hurting your neck and back. On the other hand, speed plays a big role in how bad the crash is. At faster speeds, deaths and more serious injuries like broken bones and brain damage happen more often.


When Arizona figures out who is responsible for a motorcycle crash, it uses the comparative negligence rule. This idea says that your losses are lessened by the amount of fault you have. So, the defender has a reason to put the blame on you. For instance, the defence could say that you shouldn’t have slammed on the brakes when a car was following you or that you could have done something to stop the crash. In reality, you can’t avoid a rear-end collision unless you are paying attention to what is going on behind you instead of scanning the road ahead, which is a bad idea.


Our lawyers are thinking about why the driver didn’t stop in time to avoid hitting you. Usually, the driver was phoned, texted, or otherwise not paying attention. Speed may also have played a role, as the driver may not have been able to stop when they saw that traffic ahead had stopped or slowed down. Drivers who are impaired often don’t pay attention or respond quickly enough.

Front-end Mishaps

It’s not always the driver in the back who is at fault. If someone cuts you off, they might be at fault if you hit them. The driver must check to see if there are any other cars around before switching lanes. You have no right to blame yourself just because you were in a weak spot. If there was no shoulder, you were going through mountains, or you were on a two-lane freeway, you may have had no choice but to hit the other car that crossed into your lane. Our goal is to show that you weren’t at fault or to lower the amount of fault that the law gives you.


Left-Turn Accidents

There is nothing scarier than when a car turns in front of you at a crossing. Will you stop quickly enough not to hit the car? Will trying to avoid getting hit cause you to skid out and drop your bike? Unfortunately, stopping a motorcycle takes more time and room than stopping a car, and the problems that could happen are often much worse.


Most drivers don’t know how to figure out stopping distances or time. The driver of a car doesn’t care that a motorbike is hard to turn because they are more focused on making the light than making sure they have plenty of room to turn. Motorcyclists are especially at risk when going through a crossing, even when everything is perfect. When a driver makes a wrong left-hand turn on slippery, icy roads or pavement with holes, an accident is almost certain to happen.


Insurance companies often try to say that the biker wasn’t careful enough and didn’t stop in time, which is not fair. It’s possible that you hit the side of the car or spun out and didn’t hit it at all. But you might not be to blame for the accident. Who had the right to be on that part of the road at that particular moment is what the question is. It doesn’t matter who hit who.


It is important to start the investigation right away to find out what happened and who is guilty. Our lawyers talk to witnesses and drivers to get a better idea of when the turn and the crash happened. We expect the usual defence to be that the rider wasn’t paying attention and didn’t hit the brakes in time, and we look at evidence that goes against this claim.


Not Safe Lane Changes

Almost all bikers have been in a terrifying situation where a car suddenly changes lanes or slides into its path for no reason. If everything goes well, you might be able to escape a crash, but sometimes that’s not possible. Accidents that happen because of risky lane changes happen all the time and are usually the fault of careless drivers.


If you change lanes incorrectly, bad things can happen. The driver could cut you off, sending you into the back of the car as it changes lanes or making you lose control of your bike. The car could also hit you from the side, sending you spinning out of control or crushing your leg. That driver is responsible for staying safe in her lane and looking before leaving that lane in either case. So, the most important thing to figure out is who has the right to be in a certain place at a certain time.

The common defences that the driver “didn’t see you” or “you appeared out of nowhere” are not good enough. Most lane-change crashes happen because:


  • A driver who is texting and moves into your lane
  • A busy driver who doesn’t check before they change lanes
  • Someone who is drunk and whose depth perception and reaction time are slowed down
  • A careless driver who cuts in and out of traffic
  • A driver going too fast who doesn’t accurately judge how far away the motorbike is
  • A blind spot, especially on a big car like an SUV


Collisions with T-Bones and Intersections

T-bone accidents are the worst thing that can happen to a biker. When a car, truck, or other vehicle hits a motorbike straight on, this kind of accident happens. Most of the time, the driver hits the motorbike at a right angle because they ran a red light, didn’t see a stop sign, or didn’t agree to give way.A motorbike rider is likely to get seriously hurt when a car crashes into the side of the bike. A motorcycle doesn’t offer much safety to its riders compared to a car. When a car or truck hits a biker from behind, the biker often gets serious or even life-threatening injuries because the car or truck doesn’t have airbags, crumple zones, or a steel frame.

In a T-bone accident involving a motorcycle, the insurance company will often try to say that the motorcycle rider, not the car driver, was at fault for the accident. Our company has seen this happen many times, and insurance companies will do many other things to avoid paying out on accident cases. We also know that it can be very hard to win these kinds of claims without credible witness evidence. When you hire our firm, we will start a full investigation to find everyone who saw what happened. In a T-bone or intersection accident case, the comments of witnesses are very important for building a strong case that shows the other driver is at fault.


Problems with road design and road defects

Motorcycles are very responsive and easy to control, which is why bikers like to ride and why problems with the road can be so risky. If you’re riding a bike and hit badly maintained asphalt, a wet surface, or something foreign, it can throw you off. Motorcyclists who have been hurt on poorly built roads or other problems with the roads may be able to get compensation, and our experienced motorcycle lawyers can help. You have every right to think that the road is safe, and you might have a case if you were hurt because of a flaw in the plan or something that wasn’t supposed to be there.


It is the job of the cities and towns to make sure the roads are safe for everyone, including bikers. You need a top Phoenix major injury lawyer to defend you. Things that wouldn’t normally cause a car to crash can be very bad for a rider, such as

  • Cracks and holes in the road
  • Oil on the road
  • Signs and warnings that don’t work right
  • Broken traffic light or sign that isn’t up
  • Not enough lighting
  • Debris and other things on the road
  • Debris and foreign objects on the road

Motorcyclists must always be aware of their surroundings. But even the most careful bikers sometimes have to drive into things that are in the way. Greg Lyon is the original partner of Hirsch & Lyon Accident Law P.L.L.C. He has had many close calls on his motorcycle while riding all over Arizona. We know that no matter how carefully you ride, you could still be hit by road debris and get hurt. We also know that it can be hard to prove your case without the help of an experienced motorbike injuries lawyer.


To win a claim in a roadway litter case, the investigation must begin quickly and thoroughly. The city usually cleans up the road of any debris after an accident to make it safer. To limit their liability, corporations also have a reason to get rid of things that are their duty. You might lose that evidence forever if the situation changes before you have a chance to look at it, take pictures of it, and study it.


Finding out how the object got into the road and who is guilty is a very important part of the investigation. Some common situations are:


There were signs of a flat tire or some other kind of mechanical failure.

A load that wasn’t kept in place properly fell out of the back of a truck bed.

Someone did not pick up things that fell out of a pickup truck.

A building company left tools, equipment, or road markings in the ground.

The road got dirty with dirt, gravel, and other things that came from a nearby building site.

The city or town did not do regular repairs on the road to remove the glass, metal, and other junk that had piled up.

The government body didn’t clean the road of oil to keep it from being slippery.

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